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Why Ad.Plus

No Video Content Required

We can still help you monetize your site with the highest paying video ads.

Simple Implementation

Just place a single line of code to your site & you are all set! We also support adserver implementation such as DFP.


Advanced video player & cross-device ad serving. Your own dashboard & real-time reporting metrics.

Just Revenue

Premium advertisers & highest paying eCMP in the industry (up to $65 CPM). High fill-rate and fast payouts.

Amazing Features

Access To Over 90 DSPs

Ad.Plus inventory is accessible from the largest global DSPs, making it easy to get a high fill rate and CPM.

Header Bidding

Our cutting edge header-bidding solution creates a competition among advertisers for your inventory which results in the highest CPM for our publishers.

Proven Technology

Lightweight, easy-to-integrate HTML5 video player that is multi-format compatible. All you need to do is to place a single line of script on your site.

User Experience

Respect your audience by using video units that are user-initiated, allowing your users to control their experience with the video. All IAB standard, Google SEO friendly units.


Desktop and mobile video ad unit that slips in between your content in a smooth light movement only when there is an ad call, generating new ad opportunities without taking over the existing inventory.

Standard Demo Detach Demo


100% viewable video ad unit on all devices that only opens when an ad is available. Our technology detects the white space on the screen and displays video ad on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Live Demo


Desktop and mobile video ad unit that adjusts video ads to your display inventory thus increase and maximizes your potential eCPMs and ad revenue.

Live Demo

InStream (pre-roll)

We can provide you with a VAST/VPAID or even Google IMA ad tag that you can run directly inside your own video player.

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